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October 5, 2016

What Are Pipe Lasers?

What Are Pipe Lasers?If you don’t work in the industry, chances are that you probably won’t ever even hear of pipe lasers. But if you are doing some research on the piping industry or work on a project with JBS Pipeline Contractors, you might be wondering, what are pipe lasers and what are they used for in the industry?

Here at JBS Pipeline Contractors we like to inform our customers about different aspects of our work. A bit of information can go a long way towards making clients feel comfortable with our level of expertise and professionalism.

Today, we will be discussing what are pipe lasers and what’s their function in the piping industry.

Pipe lasers are a vital tool that serves a particular purpose. They are used predominantly in the underground utility industry. When installing sewer pipe systems, storm drains, water lines, as well as lift stations and utility holes, the correct grade must be achieved for the system to work correctly and efficiently. Everyone from utility contractors to general contractors and municipalities use these lasers for measuring and ensuring that they create the proper grade for these piping systems.

There are a couple of main types of pipe lasers popularly in use today. The first is the AGL laser, a small, sturdy unit that has proven itself well with its high-performance features. A nice touch is that it is, and has been, manufactured in the USA for over 40 years.

The AGL laser comes with a convenient LCD display that is easy to read and keeps a record of the last used inclination or slope values so you can pick right back up where you left off. This laser is a great unit and has solidly proven itself in field operations.

The other primary type is the Trimble (Spectra) Precision laser, designed for the most challenging job site applications. The display is one of the largest in the industry and even lets you see the grade % from outside the utility hole. Equipped with a nickel plated housing that keeps it highly protected, this sturdy unit also makes routine maintenance and cleaning a breeze. The unit offers 10 different languages which are an excellent benefit if you have workers whose first language is not English.

We hope that you have enjoyed this quick overview of pipe lasers and their usefulness to our industry. As always, at JBS Pipeline Contractors, we hold ourselves and all our employees to a high standard of customer service and professionalism.

With our many years of experience all around Colorado and Wyoming, JBS Pipeline Contractors knows how to apply our knowledge. We specialize in ensuring the job gets done right the first time, on time, and on budget. By making these factors our biggest priorities we have successfully completed numerous jobs for many large companies and municipalities over the years. If you want the professionals, be sure to give us a call today for more information on what are pipe lasers and why they are essential.

August 14, 2016

What is the National Utilities Contractors Association?

What is the National Utilities Contractors Association?If you have been researching contractors for a job that you are looking to complete then you may have already run across the name NUCA during your search. But you might not be aware of what exactly it is. So, you may be left wondering, what is the National Utilities Contractors Association? If you’ve been looking into JBS Pipeline Contractors and checking out our website, then you probably have seen that under our “Professional Associations” tab, we are a member of this organization, but you may still be wondering what that means for you. This article will attempt to explain the purpose of the National Utilities Contractors Association, or NUCA and what that means for you when considering a utility and excavation company for hire.

First of all, right from NUCA’s website which explains that NUCA is “the leading trade association working solely for the utility construction and excavation industry in the United States.” NUCA has a vast network of regional and state chapters that help to represent utility contractors and whatever other entities like excavators, suppliers, and manufacturers that might be involved in the gas, sewer, water, telecommunications, electric, treatment plant or excavation industries.

The point of NUCA is to help keep operations running smoothly by facilitating situations that involve shared industry issues. They help keep everybody happy and working together for a more efficient and smooth operation. Also, a big part of their service is to help bring more funding into the underground infrastructure business. Parts of America’s infrastructure are getting to be pretty old, and many issues need addressing, but somebody has got to be monitoring that and making sure that what needs to happen will happen.

NUCA provides a host of educational materials, safety materials, discounts, resources, networking events and more for the utility companies. They also keep companies up to date on what is happening with regulatory agencies and Congress and work to rally support when things are not looking good for the utility service industry. Plus, they sponsor networking events to get companies together. This is providing a helpful service because companies work better together when they know each other as well as sharing advice and new techniques continually improves the industry across the board and is win-win for everybody involved. Each company improves their working practices and clients receive better, more efficient service as a result.

So now you understand as one of the prospective clients for JBS Pipeline Contractors, seeing that we are involved in NUCA is a good thing for you. You know that we are dedicated to staying up to the minute with regulatory information and new techniques. Plus, we want to work together with other companies in the best way possible to provide fast, efficient service. We promise to get your job done right, on time, on a budget, and without anybody getting hurt. Being a part of NUCA helps us at JBS Pipeline to make sure that all of that happens every time.

July 14, 2016

Pipeline Construction

Pipeline ConstructionHave you ever wondered about the pipeline construction process? How do crews perform such big jobs so quickly and efficiently? Well, just like the professionals we hire here at JBS Pipeline Contractors, the first thing is to start with knowledgeable people to build an efficient and highly effective crew. With the right people on the job, the whole process is much easier. So how is pipeline construction done? Think about it a bit like a moving assembly line. A crew highly trained at its specific function moves in does its work and then moves on while the next crew sweeps in behind it with the next step of the process and so on until the project is complete.

The pipeline construction process begins with a survey crew. These professionals will come through thoroughly examining the environment around the proposed pipeline site. They check for existing utility lines, etc. to prevent unnecessary damage during construction and stake out the pipeline's centerline and exterior boundaries. The next crew clears out the vegetation and installs any temporary erosion control devices that are needed to keep everything from falling apart when the next crew starts to dig. During this step, topsoil is often removed and stored separately, to help restore the land as closely as possible to its original state when all is said and done. Once the topsoil is gone, the pipeline trench excavation begins.

The next crew comes along with the pieces of pipe and strings them along next to the trench using pipe-bending machines where necessary so that the pipes are completely ready for the next crew to weld them together. During this step, the pipes are welded and visually and radiographically inspected to ensure a proper seal and placed on temporary supports on the edge of the trench. A special coating is required at the welded joints of line pipe to help with the seal. The final inspection involves an electronic testing of this coating to find any faults or weak spots. Before burying the pipe, the crew completely strengthens these weak spots.

Next, a crew comes along with side boom tractors to lower the pipe into the trench. Once the pipe is in place, they then backfill the trench, taking , care that no foreign objects end up buried along with the pipeline. Once this step is complete one more hydrostatic test process is required according to federal regulations. Afterward, the water used is then disposed of properly.

The final crew then comes through for the pipeline construction process, restoring the area as closely as possible to how it was before. Whether the site is residential or agricultural does no!t make a difference; we restore it as much as possible. Obviously, it will not be perfect, but we here, at JBS Pipeline Contractors, we take this and every step of the process very seriously. Our goal is to provide an excellent service that does not negatively impact the environment and yet furthers the infrastructure needed to maintain and better the lives of our neighbors.

May 30, 2016

Water Pipe Contractor

When Water Pipe Contractoryou are looking for the best water pipe contractor in Colorado, look no further than our knowledgeable staff here at JBS Pipeline Contractors. We are experts in all things pipelines and we have our over 20 years of experience to prove it. We’ve worked with different counties, cities, municipalities, residential development companies and big businesses to install whatever type of waterworks exist. Domestic water, fire lines, main lines, air release assemblies, back flows, pressure reducing valve stations, riser assemblies, water meters and much more. Basically, anything you could possibly need a water pipe contractor to do, we’ve done and have the know-how to get your job done right.

We are well known as a water pipe contractor all across Colorado and Wyoming so it won’t be hard to get a reference if you would like to hear from a former customer how things went. Our goals are always to get the job done right, safely, on time and within budget and we carry that out to the absolute best of our ability. That’s why we can confidently let you talk to our happy customers and hear what they have to say about us. Plus we are bonded and insured for any eventualities.

May 17, 2016

Commercial Sewer Pipe Contractor

Cdrain-pipes-314579_960_720ommercial sewer pipe contractors are not a dime a dozen and there are only a few operating in Colorado. The nice thing about that is that when you are looking to hire a commercial sewer pipe contractor you save time because you spend less researching companies. The downside to that scenario is sometimes there isn’t a good company to come out on top. In Colorado’s case, however, this is not true. JBS Pipeline Contractors, while we are one of the few companies in Colorado that can handle big civil construction and infrastructure projects, we are also amazing at what we do. When you need a commercial sewer pipe contractor, look no further than our expert crews.

We’ve got loads of experience having worked on big projects for companies like Kohl’s, Target, General Motors, Aurora Medical Center, and for cities and counties as well all across Colorado since 1993. We are family owned and hold ourselves to the highest standard to treat our customers right, get the job done right, on time and within budget. Of course, we are bonded and insured, and we hold safety to an extremely high standard as well. We do our job and make sure that everyone goes home happy.


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